Stay Cool & Save!

Help your customers keep cool and save this summer   

Summer’s almost here, and at this time of the year, building owners start adjusting their thermostats.
To ensure your customers stay cool and save, courtesy of our Loss Prevention team, we’re sharing five maintenance tips for your commercial customers’ Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that could help increase efficiency and reduce costs:

Did you know?
1 Regularly changing HVAC filters could reduce wasted energy by 5% to 10%.
2 Installing programmable thermostats could help save hundreds of dollars a year.
3 Regular, quality maintenance could reduce HVAC maintenance costs by 40%.
4 Properly sealing heating and cooling ducts could improve HVAC efficiency by 20%.
5 Upgrades/replacements to HVAC systems could help improve efficiency by up to 20%.

Make loss prevention a priority  

Our Loss Prevention team inspects many different lines of business, including farm and equipment breakdown accounts, as well as long-haul trucking and commercial auto fleets.

Speak to your Commercial Lines Underwriter about accompanying our inspectors on their visits to your customers. You’ll get a hands-on experience of how our Loss Prevention team works and how their recommendations are beneficial to your customers’ businesses.