"Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that my car has been repaired and I picked it up yesterday evening. Thank you very much for the assistance from Mulvihill! From a customer service experience perspective, a few things stand out:

  • Fast response from you on the morning of the fender-bender
  • Clear setting of expectations as to what would happen next.
  • Aviva was just damned good. The adjuster was right on top of things.
  • Follow-up from Mulvihill last Thursday was appreciated.
  • I didn't have to do ANYTHING except report the accident, answer a few questions and take the car in for an estimate and the repairs. Everything was coordinated very, very well to make this painless and effortless for me.
  • Years ago I had a windshield replacement claim. I had to call three times to the broker before finally being transferred four times to get the information I needed. At that point I was told all the trouble was because I was a "VIP" customer. I remember telling them I'd hate to see what it's like for a "non-VIP!"
  • So big thank you to everyone at Mulvihill and Aviva. Excellent service does NOT go unnoticed!"

                 - George LeClair

"Thanks to Kim and Christal for their fantastic customer service today! Especially to Kim for helping me get a better rate and always being so helpful! I really appreciate it! You guys always provide friendly and efficient service!! Thanks again!"

                 - Hilary Jayne